10 Best Hunting Simulator Games

Updated on: September 2023

Best Hunting Simulator Games in 2023


BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Wild Animal Survival Shooter Simulator: Jungle Hunting Games Free For Kids

Wild Animal Survival Shooter Simulator: Jungle Hunting Games Free For Kids
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • - An ultimate hunting action.
  • - Gameplay is simple yet entertaining.
  • - Efficient sniper gun control.
  • - True to life hunting experience.
  • - High fidelity cool graphics.
  • Dangerous yet beautiful environment Full of wild animals.
  • Variety of Animals to Kill.
  • Best 3D Forest environment.
  • Shooting from a vantage point.
  • Shoot through Tree leaves.

Hunting Simulator - Nintendo Switch

Hunting Simulator - Nintendo Switch
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Track 37 species, each with realistic animal behaviors: big and Small game, predators, waterfowl.and many more
  • Explore 12 expansive regions, using a drone if you'd like, based on real hunting areas in Europe and north America. Adapt to the elements as the weather and time of day dynamically change.
  • Choose from AMONG 17 different firearms (rifles, bows and crossbows) including official winchester and browning Licensed weapons, and close to 50 essential accessories
  • Improve your Shooting skills on the Shooting range and track all sorts of Prey in Free hunt
  • Take Off on an adventure with three friends or with players from around the globe

American Hunting 4x4: Deer

American Hunting 4x4: Deer
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • - High quality graphics.
  • - Off-road simulator american pickup 4x4.
  • - Open 3D environment.
  • - Realistic animated deers to hunt.
  • - Realistic sound effects.
  • - Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.

Crazy Dog Animal Transport Truck Duty Driver Simulator 3D: Wild Animal Transporter Cargo Racing Parking Driving Adventure Games Free For Kids 2018

Crazy Dog Animal Transport Truck Duty Driver Simulator 3D: Wild Animal Transporter Cargo Racing Parking Driving Adventure Games Free For Kids 2018
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Drive with extreme safety
  • Awesome truck driving challenge missions
  • Attractive 3D environment
  • Realistic animations
  • Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting
  • Transporting stray dogs and wild dogs
  • Thrill of transportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths

Real Dino Hunting Sniper Shooter Jungle Hunting Warrior Adventure Quest: Dinosaur Hunting Warriors Hero Rules Of Survival Simulator Game

Real Dino Hunting Sniper Shooter Jungle Hunting Warrior Adventure Quest: Dinosaur Hunting Warriors Hero Rules Of Survival Simulator Game
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Exotic Jurassic Models
  • Challenging Shooting & Hunting Missions
  • Best Dino Safari Sniper Game

Safari Hunting 4x4

Safari Hunting 4x4
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • - Hunting animals.
  • - Driving off road on luxury 4x4.
  • - Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.
  • - Realistic animated animals to be hunted.
  • - Sounds of Africa, enhancing the reality effect.
  • - Best hunter score table.

Hunting Simulator 4x4

Hunting Simulator 4x4
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • - Hunt for animals. The best hunting simulator.
  • - Wide selection of weapons.
  • - The coolest 4x4 off-road vehicles for hunting.
  • - Trailers for your vehicles.
  • - Animal traps.
  • - Beautiful graphics and realistic 3D environment.
  • - Realistic animated animals to hunt.
  • - Sounds of nature that create the effect of being there.
  • - Diverse animal life and hunting maps.
  • - Pursuit of quests and missions. Daily bonuses.

Snake Chase Simulator

Snake Chase Simulator
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • --Thrive in this huge 3D Desert Open World Landscape
  • --9 Different Desert Animals included
  • --Dynamic times of day and Rain
  • --Upgrade your Snake Speed, Strength, and Stamina
  • --12 Mind Bending Adventures
  • --6 Special Battle Scenarios in Survival Mode

GH Game Gun for Nintendo Switch FPS Shooting Games and Hunting Games, Handle Grip for Somatosensory Games on NS - Black 1 Pack

GH Game Gun for Nintendo Switch FPS Shooting Games and Hunting Games, Handle Grip for Somatosensory Games on NS - Black 1 Pack
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Work for several shooting and other games on NS: The Game Gun is compatible for several FPS shooting games as well as other adventurous games on NS, including Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Big Buck Hunter, Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2, Hunting Simulator, Doom 4 Payday 2, Splatoon 2
  • Enhance your FPS gaming experience: Holding the shape of a gun with your Joy-Cons in will give you the realistic feeling of shooting
  • Ergonomic design snugly fit for Joy-Cons: Perfect cutout for Joy-Cons, easy access to all buttons, being lightweight and easing hand fatigue while battling for victory
  • Easy set up with a cool design: The Game Gun is simple to use and start gaming, made of top-class ABS plastic, holding it as if you were a fighter with a real gun
  • What is included in your package: 1 x Switch Game Gun, Joy-Cons are NOT INCLUDED; you are welcome to contact us via email if you got any concerns or questions about this product, and we will reply within 24 hours

Game Review: The Hunter

The Hunter is an amazing and free to try hunting simulation game on your PC that is incredibly lifelike and very fun, the slogan on the games home page says it all: The most realistic hunting game ever.

Graphics amp; Audio: 24/25,
Gameplay: 23/25,
Creativity 24/25,
Fun 25/25

Total: 96/100

Usually when you hear free games you think of those silly 2 dimensional platformers and other poor graphic games that you can play on very low end systems. The Hunter brings the full games graphics and realism to the free gaming right from the start with an incredible simulated experience for a fantastic hunting game.

You start off simply by creating your character with a predetermined name and face then you can go hunting pretty quick at the Evergreen Hunting Reserve. The free game includes the full games graphics and abilities like using one of four weapons and a tracking computer as well as being able to hunt Mule deer for an unlimited time.

Once you have your character you simply go hunting using the Emote Game launcher and get right to the forest for your hunt, you start at one of two spots you select on an island for your hunting. These two islands that are connected by a small spit of land have lodges where you can get more gear, hunting stands and plenty of varied terrain to hunt in.

You can choose the location before the hunt as well as the time of day but only daytime hunting is currently available, they do plan more upgrades for the future though. Emote Games has a lot of plans in the works like other animals to hunt, more weapons and even more preserves to hunt in so the game is just starting off but it looks so good.

When you do get in the game there are no other players you can see or interact with in the game, that's for the leader boards and the web interface as well as journal entries and of course bragging with your screenshots. The game is very realistic from the chirp and caw of far off birds to the hum of insects as they flitter around you while you march through fields, it is amazing at how much detail has been given to all the scenery.

Pick a morning hunt at 5 AM and you can see the sun rising over the landscape as morning mist hangs in low valleys and the animals come alive. When you walk through the forest you can see a really good distance just as you would in real life as well as being able to spot far off deer.

I have one picture that shows what I mean and I was very lucky to get the shot, picture shot that is, I was walking around trying to spot something when I noticed a deer off in the distance. I have no idea how far away he was but you can barely see him in my screenshot that I have included with the article, but you're going to have to really hunt for him.

When I raised my rifle by clicking the left button on my mouse he took off like a shot and I never did find a trace of the large critter. I did however find others and had a great time hunting mule and whitetail deer on my review hunting license but could not get the hang of hunting those turkey's.

I picked what I thought was a good spot in the woods and hunkered down with an occasional 8 to 10 sequence call on my box caller thing and did not see any turkey's. I was ready for em but they just never showed up and while hunting deer I never did see any sign of turkeys at all, must not be close enough to Thanksgiving.

The Hunter really is a great game and very easy to play for all the lack of hunting skill I have, you can simply wander around or pick a deer stand and wait, occasionally using your deer bleat caller that my son calls a cow can. The game is very realistic when you do see those deer as well; they act just like I have seen deer in the wild act.

They walk carefully and are constantly watching all around them, raising their head at the slightest noise like when a bird calls and taking off if you make too much noise or for no seemingly good reason as well. The deer act like deer and the rest of the woods are just as realistic with wind, rain and even the birds and insects buzzing and zipping around the forest and clearings.

Sound plays a huge part in The Hunter as you are enticing deer and turkey's with callers that are audible to them for miles which means you have to be quite. Of course if you run around they will wander the other way but you can also crouch and walk slowly to stalk your prey which works well.

I did have a few times even when walking in a crouch the deer would notice something and take off but I also had times when I could get close enough for a shot and take them down. I did have one instance where I could not find hide nor hair of a deer that I thought I shot but could not even find blood so lost that one.

I did get a stern warning that good sportsmanship was part of this game and I should try harder at finding a deer I hit so the moderators, uh game wardens are out there watching. I wasn't even sure I hit the thing but I know that I should make every effort to find it once I do take a shot.

The game does a great job with sound as it does take such an important role in hunting, the swish of grass as you wander across open fields is quite loud when you just came from the quiet wooded areas. The distant calls of birds are suddenly punctuated by the bleat of deer calling and suddenly the slow chase begins, you can call back and wait for the returning bleat if you did the call correctly.

I had no problems with sound and did have a good sound system on my computer with surround sound that really made things work well. I also tried the game with just stereo speakers which worked well but not as great as a surround sound system and a couple of headsets that were great.

The game makes great use of positional sound and hearing things realistically was very well done with positions and where the deer was coming from. I had no problems getting the hang of the sounds in the game and the game did an excellent job of using the audio system of surround sound as well as graphics for a well made game.

The Hunter does a great job of using a tracker or PDA device not only as a map but to help you score points for levels when you're out in the woods for tracking and spotting deer and other animals. You simply whip out the tracker and press a button on it when you spot a deer or signs of one and the tracker will register the skills you are acquiring.

You also register kills with the tracker and have the handy map for helping with location so you know where you're headed while in the game. The maps have cabin locations, stand locations and land contours to help you figure the best places to hunt or where you think the deer may be going in the general vicinity.

There are some other helpful gadgets in the game as well like a wind detector that is a small misting bottle that you squeeze to show which way the wind is blowing as well as binoculars to see those far off creatures. The game really is very realistic with things like noises and time it takes to switch from one item to the next and the sounds of actually walking through the various terrain that is all very life like.

The Hunter is a great game and even though I only was able to hunt the better stuff for a few days I had a really great time with the realistic and well made game. The free hunting license allows you to hunt mule deer and a paid subscription will offer more animals, weapons and future opportunities so check out The Hunter.

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