4 Best Moon Phase App For Deer Hunting

Updated on: October 2023

Best Moon Phase App For Deer Hunting in 2023

Hunter Tracker - Hunting App - Now with Deer Activity Indicators

Hunter Tracker - Hunting App - Now with Deer Activity Indicators
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • Deer Activity Indicator lets you know when to hunt!
  • No Logins! Just Open the App and Use It!
  • Hunting and Tracking Info at your Fingertips
  • Store an unlimited number of locations
  • Can be kept on your SD card
  • Game tracking GPS and guidance
  • Graphical wind and scent direction indicator
  • 5 Day Lunar and Weather Forecast
  • Easy to use compass and direction finder
  • Especially suited for whitetail deer

Solunar Table - Fishing & Hunting Times

Solunar Table - Fishing & Hunting Times
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Set location with GPS or by manual entry
  • Track major and minor feeding and activity periods
  • Rely on an activity Index for the day rating for any date or location
  • Note sun and moon rise, set, and transit times, as well as moon phase data
  • Check solunar data in advance for a list of selected dates

Shooting Hours - Sunrise/Sunset Calculator Designed for Hunting

Shooting Hours - Sunrise/Sunset Calculator Designed for Hunting
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Calculate accurate sunrise and sunset times based on your location using the GPS in your enabled device
  • Use manual location mode for devices without GPS functionality, or for calculating sunrise and sunset times for locations where GPS reception may not be available
  • Customize Shooting Hours settings to adjust for legal hunting hours for a specific species or state/location
  • Rely on vibration notification at the opening and closing of shooting hours, along with visual cue on-screen while the app is running
  • Refer to 30-day outlook showing sunrise, sunset, and moon phase tables for your current location

Best 2018 Hunting Times

Best 2018 Hunting Times
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
  • Day ratings
  • Activity Index for the day rating
  • Weather condition / forecast (USA)
  • Moon rise / Moon set / Moon Transit times
  • Moon Phase Data
  • Sunrise / Sunset / Sun Transit times
  • Day / Weekly

Astrology of the Moon Signs for April 15 Through 21

The new moon phase is like the springtime of the lunar month. It's time to move forward.

Heading into the new moon phase

Aquarius and Pisces moon signs make for a nice transitional five days preceding new moon. While perusing the lunar astrology 2020 listing, two keyword phrases came to mind - day dreaming and introspective thinking. By the weekend, ideas go into action with an Aries moon. The weekend has a remnant of the cardinal effect when an Aries moon brings the promise of a productive Friday and Saturday.

Gardening by the Moon Signs

The only conducive moon gardening position is mid week when the sign of the fishes, ictus, alias Pisces casts its misty spell. Leafy vegetables work best on this side of the full moon as opposed to the last quarter phase. Transplanting coordinates with associated moisture. A possibility of rain during the watery sign of Pisces helps new root systems expand easily. Planting on the last day of the Aquarius stint is o.k. too. See guide below.

For information on moon sign gardening concepts go to How Does Moon Sign Gardening Work? (also located in the features window above.) Colors listed below are suggested for meditation, and coordinate with the harmonics of the associated sign. Time conversion is sometimes necessary depending on the hemisphere.

April 15, 16, 17

Aquarius - violet, iridescent blue

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

The attributes of Aquarius are often described as fire and ice. Aquarius, the water bearer, is aloof but compassionate. Often viewed as eccentric genius, this sign holds an awareness of humanitarian concerns. Reading and meditating is recommended.

April 18, 19

Pisces - ocean green, red, violet

Wednesday, Thursday

Beauty treatments are favored because of Pisces close union with Venus, beauty and love. Look for fluency with writing. Brewing and recipes that need simmering work out nicely these two days. Fogginess often enters the picture with Pisces Neptunian influence. Be sure to clarify communication.

April 20, 21

Aries - red, white, orange, yellow

Friday, Saturday

Fire sign Aries joins the new moon for a visit which is good and bad.

The good: This go-getting sign catapults the lunar month's activities with a strong focus.

The bad: caution - In general during the Aries influence watch out for injuries to the eyes or forehead. Be prepared for impulsive behavior and rude drivers in a hurry.

The Moon Sign Astrology Forecast is a weekly publication

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